Not Angry Anymore

(Yes, I am totally aware that Ani has done some hella problematic stuff this past year. I condemned that at the time and I condemn it now, but I just really need this song right now for my sanity, ok?) Hello, Blogland! It has been a while. I don’t know if y’all have missed me, […]

Honey, Whose Turn Is It to Do the Dishes?

Recently, a new discovery has turned my world upside down. I was diagnosed with a particularly severe case of fibromyalgia, a neurological disorder that causes widespread muscle stiffness, pain and fatigue. The symptoms, albeit without the diagnosis, have been lifelong. Because of this, many things that require little thought or planning for most people have […]

How to Offer Support After Rape

In a devastating stroke of coincidence, I have had multiple friends over the past month or so reach out to me immediately after experiencing sexual assault. Part of this is likely selection bias: I speak and write about sexual assault often and I’m open about the fact that I am also a survivor, making me an […]

A Tribute to Funny Women

This is a response to a recent guest post on Steed, “Why Aren’t Women Funny?” by Rachel Flehinger. I would like to note at the outset that Alex Steed is one of my favorite BDN bloggers and, while I disagree with many things about the post, I have nothing but respect for Alex and his guest […]

Maybe We Don’t Have to Be Beautiful

    “Men dream of women. Women dream of themselves being dreamt of. Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at.” – John Berger I recently came across this article at Beauty Redefined, which I strongly recommend reading, about Dove’s so-called  “Campaign for Real Beauty”. The authors, quite correctly, note that Dove is […]

On Being an Activist Even When You Don’t Like Yourself


Activism, by its very nature, involves opening oneself up to scrutiny. In challenging dominant social structures and ideologies we, intentionally or unintentionally, invite criticism and debate from those who wish to maintain the status quo. Sometimes that criticism is fair and is an invitation to examine a piece of evidence that we overlooked or a […]

Introducing Feminist Nonfiction

Feminist Nonfiction is a blog about the role that feminism can play in the real lives of people in the US. It’s also a blog about what feminism is, what I want it to be, and what it just plain isn’t. Like a lot of people, while I was growing up I cobbled together a […]